Together, we can

Empower individuals to advocate for mental health and prevent suicide one conversation at a time.

We are families and friends impacted by mental health, suicidal thoughts, and actions.

We hope to bring courage to anyone impacted to educate themselves and speak out to be a spark to ignite compassion, connection, and real conversation.  Each of us has our own unique voice and when joined together we can #BeTheChange. You never know when you are the voice that can change or save a life.

We invite you to join the Mission.

Our Measurements

Through Awareness, Education, and Action

We aim to create a lasting and transformative positive impact on mental health with the ultimate goal of reducing suicide rates and fostering a culture of compassion, connection and conversation.

Our mission is 100% crowd funded and crowd sourced.

We can't do it without you!

Individuals Reached

through our website, social campaigns, outreach programs and alliance partnerships.

Funds Raised

for our projects and technology including community platform, knowledgebase and AI chatbot.

Community Members

including visitors, partners, and advocates actively engaged in our community platform.

Active Projects

including volunteer and paid projects that further the mission. Check out our community bulletin board.

CDC 2021 US Statistics

We are measuring our milestones above in phases aligned to these statistics.









How To Get Engaged

Join our community to drive awareness, education and action to create a lasting impact.

Follow, read, comment, and repost to add your voice and extend our collective reach!

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